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In 1972 - 29 year old Joe Biden won in an upset over J. Caleb Boggs for a Senate seat. - Canada beat Russia for the first time at the Summit Series - President Nixon orders development of a space shuttle program. - Sanford & Son premiered on NBC - British embassy in Dublin was destroyed in protest of Bloody Sunday - Bob Douglas became the first African American inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame - California banned the death penalty - Hank Aaron named the first player in history to sign a $200,000 baseball - The Goodyear blimp flies for the first time - Apollo 16 lands on the moon - Governor George Wallace is shot and paralyzed - David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust is released - The Watergate scandal begins - George McGovern is nominated for president - U.S. launches first Earth-resources satellite - The last U.S. ground combat unit leaves Vietnam - Mark Spitz gets his first gold medal in swimming - Philippine President Marcos places country under martial law - Richard Nixon defeats George McGovern in the presidential race - The last Apollo mission to the moon - The U.S. stops bombing North Vietnam

Check out these before and after pics!

My Little Car. I've had her since I traded the '79 stepside truck even up for it in 1995.
After owning my 360 Duster for 10 years, I have developed quite a love for these cars.
Built in August of 1971. It's a 225 ci slant 6, automatic, factory air.

Lil Car decoded

Before pic of 1 bbl intake and carb
and stock exhaust manifold.

After pic with 2 bbl intake and carb
and Hooker Super Comp headers

Does it look faster? Cuz it is!

Air conditioning is going back in thanks to Mr. Twister

Everyone thinks it has a 340 so I got some killer decals.

Batteries in the back like the big girls.

Had the front seat recovered.

New Sounds!

My honey switched out the drum brakes
with disc brakes. I bought new Cragars SS
to replace the old ones.
New addition. Mr. Twister swapped out the rotors
I had borrowed from my Twister and put on the drilled
and slotted rotors I bought for myself a long time ago.
Now the Twister has some fresh stuff, too.

What do ya think about scoops?